dotSport LLC is a digital media and e-commerce platform which provides sports content to inspire global audiences

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Imagine speaking face-to-face via video chat with your sports idol…

Imagine being an owner of a social media platform targeted at one of the most sought after advertiser demographics…

Imagine controlling Internet domain names for key business sectors…

Sport is about passion. Passion drives dotSport.

dotSport LLC, a digital media/e-commerce enterprise, based in New York City, provides sports content across different product lines, to inspire and connect global audiences. The common thread that ties all three product lines together is sports content across all digital devices monetized by e-commerce and advertising.

We offer those with sport-focused lives to achieve greater heights. At dotSport, we believe we have built three genuinely beneficial, sports-focused products:

A timed, interactive video call between a professional athlete and a fan, monetized by e-commerce.

Our primary product enables sports fans to schedule private 20-minute, fee-based, video conversations centered on their favorite athlete’s self-selected schedule and fee. 1ON1 addresses an unmet need for fans to be inspired through personal, confidential, face-to-face video chats with admired and respected sports personalities. Starting with NHL hockey, 1ON1 expects to expand to all sports over time.

A social network for endurance athletes, monetized by advertising and e-commerce.

Represented by more than 100 million participants worldwide (excluding family, fans and other interested parties) this target market is one of the most sought after advertiser demographics due to endurance athletes being highly-mobile, tech-savvy with high disposable incomes.

High-value, intuitive ‘life’ websites with contextual content monetized by advertising

dotSport holds trademark on the term ‘life’ for Internet-based social networks relating to sports. The company is building media sites with a portfolio of high-value ’life’ domain names with the exclusive registration rights in new top level domains because of its trademark. dotSport owns domains such as and, among 25 others, and intends to form content partnerships with media companies with domain expertise in these specific areas.

Be inspired. Inspire others.

We believe that athletes inspire people – fans and non-fans alike – as much as fans inspire athletes. From personal experience, as former premier athletes, we believe that a ‘universal higher purpose’ – the subtle underlying driver for both athlete and fan to want to engage with one another – is our foundation.

We believe that fans follow particular sport stars not for the athlete, but rather for themselves; transference of a winning attitude drives enthusiasm and makes fans winners too.


Preliminary 1ON1 fan intercept research done at Miami Heat (NBA) and Florida Panthers (NHL) games underscore the fact that all sports fans want to speak with their idols. We also learned that an athlete donating a portion of his/her 1ON1 fee to charity is a distinct persuasive factor that justifies a fan’s expenditure for 1ON1. Understanding that they can generate hundreds or thousands of dollars virtually every day for his/her chosen charity simply by speaking with fans during ‘down time’ is more than gratifying for pro athletes, it is a motivating factor.

Unique Emotional Experiences

We believe that the allure of a unique, emotional experience shared with a favorite professional athlete is a compelling stimulant to a significant segment of the global population. Capitalizing on fans’ fondest memories we offer unique emotional experiences.

Lowered Risk

Since the addressable market for all three products is predominantly sports fans, enthusiasts and observers, there are cross-marketing opportunities between our product lines. This diversification of risk is intended to strengthen investor confidence, i.e. investors are not taking a risk on a one trick pony, rather on multiple product lines catering to the same market with built-in economies of scale. Our platforms are created by the same technology group, likewise management, marketing and operations support are all provided by one cohesive team.

Our Manifesto

We believe in 1ON1’s success because present trends enable the company to amplify social media through every fan endorsement; effectively enabling 1ON1 to tap into ‘built-in’ viral potential.

To better understand the strategy, consider today’s athlete’s use of social media options from the perspective of each athlete being capable of alerting his/her entire fan base to their availability on 1ON1. Now, compound those already significant networks with the social networks of each and every fan who books and completes a 1ON1 with a sports idol. Every completed 1ON1 holds the potential of multiple tweets, Instagram, or Facebook posts of a fan’s commemorative photo, detailing their joy at the unique encounter of having spoken directly – exclusively – via video chat with their favorite sports icon.

We belive in Life.Zone’s success because it is the first of its kind social network for goal-driven athletes that provides them with the ability to post information about their training strategies, find and meet their peers, share advice, tips, race results, as well as find and trade specialized equipment. Life.Zone, a dedicated sport social media vertical, is positioned to dominate one of the most emotional, exciting, and fastest-growing sectors of sport – endurance athletes.

We believe in Premium Life Domains’ success because we are capitalizing on the growing market for premium domain name based websites and capturing the advertising dollars that flow to them. 

Internet Brands, a pioneer in this space, was recently acquired for > US$1 billion.

Our new investors will join current shareholders that include former professional National Hockey League players; Olympians; experienced product, operations, marketing and financial executives that have proven track records of successfully financing, launching, commercializing and monetizing Internet enterprises.

Our Team

Ron Andruff
President and CEO

His 9-year pro hockey career included a Stanley Cup Championship with the Montreal Canadiens, captaining the Nova Scotia Voyageurs to an American League Championship, a scoring title, All-star recognition, all finishing with a German National Hockey League championship with Mannheim ERC. A serial entrepreneur, co-founded fare1, Inc., an online aggregator of consolidator and published airfares for travel agents, followed by Tralliance Corporation, the .travel Top-level Domain Registry, for which he was recognized a Top 25 Marketing Minds. Both were sold to public companies providing first-rate exits and returns to investors. Co-founded dotSport LLC, where he currently is President and CEO.

Cherian Mathai

Co-founder of dotSport LLC and Tralliance Corporation, the .travel Registry. Tralliance Corporation was sold to a NASDAQ listed company. Prior to Tralliance, Cherian co-founded fare1, Inc., an Internet aggregator of consolidator and published fares for travel agents that was folded into a London-based travel company and taken public on the London Stock Exchange. Co-founded dotSport LLC, where he currently is the CFO and COO.

Mir Adnan

An engineering graduate from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India, Mir has considerable experience in understanding, planning and setting up of a complete backbone for highly scalable applications. Mir, having led teams that deliver, employs best practices and software design patterns with deep understanding of software packages and their dependencies. Strengths include Server Side packages and compilations, Big Databases, MySQL, MongoDB, PHP, Java, Scala, NodeJs CakePHP, Laravel, Yii2, Doctrine Frameworks among others.

Liza Horan
Content, Advisor

Head of Digital Strategy at Media Moxie LLC and prior to that headed digital strategy/operations for ESPN’s high school sports group. Monetized social media for blue chip advertisers and achieved exponential growth across digital performance metrics. She pioneered the digital space for tennis by launching for the consumer market (players/fans) and for the trade (stakeholders/media).

Amman Badlani
Digital Marketing, Advisor

Amman Badlani is a seasoned Digital Marketing professional with over 13 years of qualified and consistent strategic and tactical experience. Amman has worked within a variety of industries, including Media, Commercial & Consumer Electronics, CPG, Pharmaceuticals and Finance, leading client programs across direct response, lead generation, and brand awareness. Amman has a breadth and depth of knowledge across Digital Marketing, most notably in Search, Social Media, Display Advertising, Content Marketing (including Video), and Analytics & Measurement.

Joel Bouzou
International Sport Federations, Advisor

President of the World Olympians Association (WOA), Sport Advisor to HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and president of Peace & Sport, Joel is a highly accomplished and respected Pentathlete having competed in 4 consecutive Olympic Games (1980, 84, 88, 92) receiving a bronze medal in the 1984 teams event; then crowned Modern Pentathlon World Champion in 1987. In addition, Joel is Vice President of UIPM (International Pentathlon Federation).